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Enabling Quantum Technologies


The main goal is to facilitate the transition from complex laboratory setups to robust and reliable devices, advocating for the establishment of solid technological foundations to make quantum technologies accessible for a wide range of applications.

Access to new markets & participation in the creation of new supply chains

Gain access to new markets and expand your business areas.

Initiate state-funded
R&D projects

Be at the forefront of this future topic and mark your role as an innovation leader.

Securing the future
in the long term

Innovation promotes the long-term existence of your company on the market and makes it fit for change.

Industry insights
& strategic partnerships

Network with relevant contacts in the industry and benefit from insights and joint projects.

Your advantages
 in the network 

With funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK), network members enjoy extensive services, including innovation and funding advice, fostering improved communication, resource sharing, and collaboration, facilitated by a comprehensive service package and first-class guidance from EurA's experienced experts. (International partners are warmly welcome, but only German legal entities benefit from the funding.)

Motivation & Goals

EnQuTech is dedicated to unlocking the immense potential of quantum technology by transitioning intricate laboratory setups into reliable and sturdy devices. By uniting experts and future talents in the field of quantum technology, our objective is to establish a robust technological foundation that facilitates the widespread application of quantum technologies. The network's professional and technological focus centers on empowering quantum technologies through industrial engineering of technical systems, striving to enhance their size, efficiency, and compactness, thereby ensuring greater robustness and operational reliability. This evolution lays the groundwork for conquering the intricacies of quantum measurement methods and quantum computers, making them applicable beyond traditional laboratory settings. The domain of "enabling technologies" thus serves as the technological backbone for the research and development of various quantum technologies.

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Network partners

These partners are already benefiting from the collaboration:

Netzwerkpartner von EnQuTech
Netzwerkpartner von EnQuTech
Netzwerkpartner von EnQuTech
Netzwerkpartner von EnQuTech
Netzwerkpartner von EnQuTech
Netzwerkpartner von EnQuTech
Netzwerkpartner von EnQuTech
Netzwerkpartner von EnQuTech
Netzwerkpartner von EnQuTech
Netzwerkpartner von EnQuTech

19. March 2024 // Innovation Campus EurA AG, Ellwangen

Quantum Congress, Innovation Campus EurA AG, Ellwangen

09. January 2024 // Innovation Campus EurA AG, Ellwangen

Kick-Off-Meeting, Innovation Campus EurA AG, Ellwangen


28 – 30 May 2024 // Helsinki

Optics and Photonics Days, Photonics Finland

13. June 2024 // online

3. Network Meeting 


We are looking
for you!

If you're involved in the development of quantum materials, system scalability and design, or fundamental quantum technologies, we're eager to collaborate with you through our international network. Whether you represent an SME, a research institution, or a large corporation, if you're dedicated to advancing quantum technology, we want you on board. With support from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK), our network offers extensive innovation services and funding advice. This means access to a comprehensive service package, trustworthy cooperation, and expert guidance from EurA's seasoned professionals. (Please note, only German legal entities are eligible for funding.)

Join us to drive innovation, enhance your skills, and gain a competitive edge in these pioneering fields. As a member, you'll access networking opportunities, engage in expert discussions, and contribute significantly to shaping a more sustainable future through quantum technology advancement.

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A competence network of EurA

The network is managed by EurA AG. EurA is the market leader in the management of high-tech networks. The company operates across Europe and supports start-ups and medium-sized companies in successfully implementing and establishing their innovations in order to make them the market leaders of tomorrow. More information at

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Are you interested in the EnQuTech network and would like to learn more about it? Then we look forward to your message by e-mail, via the form on this page or your call.

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